Historical Irish Corpus
1600 - 1926

Téarmaidheacht. II.

Téarmaidheacht. II.
Ní fios,
Ó Donnchadha, Tadhg
Composition Date
Connradh na Gaedhilge

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1600 1926

Téarmaidheacht. II.

Móinfhéar, ALSO múinfhéar.
Móinfhéar(also múinfhéar), a meadow; the growing
crop of hay.
Móinfhéar trom, a meadow bearing a heavy crop of
hay; a heavy crop of hay.
Móinfhéar éadtrom, a light crop of hay.
Móinfhéar mín, a crop of good, fine, grass.
Móinfhéar garbh, a meadaow a large proportion of the
grass of which is coarse — for example, gabhal-
luachair growing among the grass, etc.
Móinfhéar gabhal-luachra, a meadow consisting for the
most part of gabhal-luachair(a rush like plant).
Móinfhéar sínte, a meadaow which is stretched or
Móinfhéar réidh-shínte, a meadaow the grass of which is
half-stretched in the same direction.
Móinfhéar cosaráltha, a meadow in the state of having
been trampled by cattle, fowl, etc.
Móinfhéar (e)asaráltha, a meadow the grass of which
lies tossed about in all directions — sínte anonn &
anall — or that has been trampled.
Móinfhéar an-shocair, a meadow the surface of which
is rather rugged or rough.
Móinfhéar ceannuigheachta, a meadow bought while
Síol féir, hayseed; also a first crop of hay raised from
Síol sgriodóige, common hayseed(not including the
rye-grasses and the like); called also sgriodóg
(nó sgrideóg).
Síol féir Gaedhealach, same as sgriodóg, or síol
Síol féir Gallda, foreign or imported hayseed, such
as the rye-grasses.
Páirc mhóinfhéir, a field wich is a meadow.
Páirc shíl féir, a meadow producing a first crop;
called also síol féir.
Páirc ath-shíol féir, a meadow field producing a second
Féar fliuch, pasture; called also ínníar and ínnéar;
g.s. and verbal, -nír and -néir.
Féar, hay saved.
Féar luibheannacha, hay largely mixed with herbs such as
brealla gorma, crobh príocháin, nóníní, &rl.
Féar glan, hay free from weeds.
Féar méith, hay that grew luxuriantly on rich soil.
Féar borb, hay from rank grass, forced by manure,
Féar borb, raghidh sé fé bheiriughadh, it will
shrink very much while being saved.
Féar taidhbhseach, soft, spongy hay, the bulk of a given
quantity of which is large in comparison with the

L. 91

Féar dimaidhbhseach, hay a given quantity of which
possesses small feeding value, because largely
mixed with weeds, etc.; wasteful hay; also féar
gan taidhbse, and the opposite of féar taidhbh-
Is beag idir a thaidhbhse & dhimaidhbhse — per-
haps alluding to a small quantity , concern-
ing which it matters little.
Féar ceannuigheachta, hay that has been bought.
(ní críoch)

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