Historical Irish Corpus
1600 - 1926

Feis Laighean agus Midhe, 1901 - No. 3 Competition.

Feis Laighean agus Midhe, 1901 - No. 3 Competition.
Féach bailitheoir,
Laoide, Seosamh (Lloyd, Joseph H.)
Composition Date
Connradh na Gaedhilge

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1600 1926



A mhilis, my sweet - Co. Meath.
A rúin, my love - Co. Meath.
A mhúirnín, darling - Co. Meath.
A stóir, O treasure - Co. Meath.
A stóirín, O little treasure - Co. Meath.
A chuisle, O vein - Co. Meath.
A chuisle mo chroidhe, love of my
heart - Co. Meath.
A ghrádh mo chroidhe, love of my
heart - Co. Meath.
A stóir mo chroidhe, O treasure
of my heart - Co. Meath.
A théagair, my dear - Co. Meath.

Bastún, a useless or awkward
person - Co. Meath.
Bárdog, a basket for carrying
turf - Co. Louth.
Bean-a'-tighe, house-keeper or
woman of the house - Co. Meath.
Bean sidhe, a fairy woman sup-
posed to cry outside certain
houses before death. "You-re
only a bean sidhe," applied to a
person fond of crying - Co. Meath.
Buachallán, rag-weed - Co. Meath.
Bualtán-buidhe, the rag-weed - Omeath, Co. Louth.
Buailteán, part of a flail - Co. Meath.

Clábar, mud or dirt - Co. Meath.
Cruit, a hump, as "Take that
cruit off you" - Co. Meath.
Cearc, a hen; used to hunt out
a hen, as "hie - cearc" - Co. Meath.
Camán, the staff used hurling - (Heard universally).
Cait, used to hunt the cat - Co. Meath.
Crúb, a pig's foot - Co. Meath.
Crúibín, a pig's foot - Co. Meath.
Cáibín, an old hat - Co. Meath.
Cáilín bán, a white-haired girl - Co. Meath.
Cúilfhionn, a white-haired girl.
I have heard a word similar to
this applied to an old white-
haired piper - Co. Meath.
Crádh croidhe, a disease; a falling-
in of the breast-bone of a
human being - Co. Meath.
Clotóg, a piece of broken turf - Co. Meath.
Cogaille, a foolish person;
sometimes gogaille - Co. Meath.
Clogarán clearach, applied de-
risively to a person, as "You
are only a clogarán clearach" - Co. Meath.
Cuniach, a grub supposed to sting
Crúiscín, I heard this applied
usually to a broken vessel -
an old mug, or jug, or the like
Codger, applied to a child, as
"Run away, you little codger" - Co. Meath.
Cealldrach, a foolish person - Co. Louth.

Dulc, a blow of a cow's horn - Co Meath.
Duinc, a blow of a cow's horn - Louth.

L. 150

Dealg, a thorn, as "The boy
got a dealg of a thorn in his
foot" - Co. Meath.
Dalk (pron. dauk), a thorn; used
in Dunshaughlin - Co. Meath.

Droighneán donn, the black-
thorn - Co. Meath.
Geirrseach, a girl - Co. Meath.
Garsun, a little boy - Co. Louth.
Gasún (pron. gosoon), a little
boy - Co. Meath.
Gearrán, a useless kind of horse,
as "He is a dirty gearrán."
(In Omeath gearrán means
a horse) - Co. Meath.
Guirtín, a little field - Co. Meath.
Geatín, a little gate - Co. Meath.
Gam (cam), a foolish fellow - Co. Meath.
Galar cam, a disease in cattle
to which they are liable after
a wet night - Co. Meath.

Fear-a'-tighe, man of the house - Co. Meath.
Fág a' bhealach, leave the way - Co. Meath.

Lán an mhála, an abundance,
plenty - Co. Meath.
Maiseadh, pronounced musha, as
"Musha, if he does, what
Maol, a hornless cow; also ap-
plied to a bank or ditch with
no bushes or trees growing
on it - Co. Meath.
Maoilín, a maol cow - Co. Meath.
Mo mhúirnín (pron. often voor-
neen), my darling - Co. Meath.
Muc, used to hunt a pig, as
"Muc out of that" - Co. Meath.

Púca, the pooka - Co. Meath.

Caise púca, a peculiar kind of
yellow mushroom, often called
"the pooka's mushroom" - Co. Meath.

Ráimeis, high-sounding, non-
sensical talk - Co. Meath.
Rógarach, as "the rógarach
moon," that is, the middle
harvest moon - Co. Meath.

Spág, a foot, as "Take your
spágs out of that" - Co. Meath.
Spailpín, a labourer of the
tramp type - Co. Meath.
Seoinín, a contemptible person - Co. Meath.
Seachrán, astray or "on the
spree," as "He is on the
seachrán this week" - Co. Meath.

Pistreog or piseog, fairy cures
or omens, witchcraft - Co. Meath.

Scrath, a green sod off the field - Co. Meath.

Ciotán, left-handed - Co. Meath.
Ciotach, left-handed - Co. Louth.

Tuireadh, a crying, as "What is
the tuireadh about now?" - Co. Meath.
Trí n-a cheile, mixed up every
way - Co. Meath.
Thug tú d'éitheach, you lied - Co. Meath.
Tráithnín, a blade of grass - Co. Meath.

Bí do thost, be silent - Co. Meath.
Bacach, lame or a cripple, as "a
bockey foot" - i.e., a reel foot - Co. Meath.
Bóithrín, an old, small bye-road - Co. Meath.

Cliabh, a basket - Co. Meath.
Cliabhaire, a dealer in fowl, pro-
baly so called because he
carries his fowl in baskets - Co. Meath.
Cincíseach, one born in Whit
Week - Co. Louth.
Cuiseog, a stem of grass - Co. Louth
Clochán, a ford - Co. Louth.

Bradach, a thief, a roguish cow - Co. Louth.
Brosna, sticks for fuel - Co. Meath.

Piteog or spiteog, a wastrel - Co. Louth.
Prasgán, a rough apron - Co. Meath.

An deor, the drop - Co. Meath.

Rasaidhe, a strumpet - Co. Meath.

Peilleach or peillich, a basket
(oval shape for holding pota-
toes, beans, &c.). - Co. Louth (southern

Brámais, bragging or boast-
ing - Co. Louth (southern
Bládhmann, bragging or boast-
ing - Co. Louth (southern
Bodach, an upstart - Co. Louth.

Crainneog, an island in a lake
surrounded by stakes - Co. Louth.

Amach go bráth with him, off with him - Co. Louth.

Clútóg, gift of Easter eggs - Co. Meath.

Alt, a deep water-course on a
mountain-side - Co. Louth.

Dallán, blind-man's buff - Co. Louth.
Dona, sickly, poorly. (In Co.
Meath it is pronounced donie) - Co. Louth.

Uisge-beatha, whiskey - Co. Louth.

Cliabhán, wicker-work for
catching birds - Co. Louth.
Cléibhín, wicker-work for
catching birds - Co. Louth.

Pluc, cheek, as "A plucky fel-
low," "if he had pluck" - Co. Meath.

Bí críonna, take care, be cautious
Measgán (of butter), a small
wooden tub - Co. Louth.
Scrios, a miserable fellow, as
"a scrios of a fellow" - Co. Meath.
Glasán, a fish - Co. Louth (Black-
rock, Dundalk).
Sgadán, a herring - Co. Louth (Black-
rock, Dundalk.

L. 151

Cró, a pig-house, as "pig-cró" - Co. Louth.
Sliseog, a mussel - Co. Louth.
Céilidh, a visit - Co. Meath.
Dúidín, a pipe - Co. Meath.
Duileasg, edible sea-weed - Co. Louth.
Slabhagán, sloak - Co. Louth.
Dreis, a turn or spell, as "a
dreis of crying" - Co. Louth.
Comhluadar, to chat together, to
concert - Co. Meath.
Cogar, to whisper - Co. Meath.
Sop, a wisp, as "a sop of hay" - Louth.
Roitleán, a spinning wheel - Co. Louth.
A chara, my friend, as "Come
here, a chor" - Co. Louth.
Gríosach, burning embers - Co. Louth.
Cutach bob-tailed, from cut - Co. Louth.
Gobha, a blacksmith. In Louth
the members of a blacksmith's
family are called "góbha," as
"Parra a' ghobha," "Máire a'
ghobha," &c. - Co. Louth.
Airgead síos, ready cash - Co. Louth.
Ponta, a pound - Co. Louth.
Te, hot - mothers often say to
children who are near a
boiling pot or the fire, "té té,
it'll burn you." - Co. Louth.
Caoine, a cry for the dead.
The word is used, but I never
saw the thing going on - Co. Meath.
Ceis, a hamper, a ceis of apples - Co. Meath.
Copóg, the dock-leaf - Co. Meath.
Capóg, a fool, a useless fellow,
as, "You capóg" - Co. Louth.
Cárr, twist, turn, screw, as "He
put a cárr on his face";
"He was cárr-ing at me" - Co. Meath.
Saiseán, bog-reed flaggers - Co. Louth.
Cailleach, an old hag - Co. Louth.
A buaidh (pron. aboo), hurrah for - Co. Meath.
Meas, respect, regard
(I put no "mess" on him) - Co. Louth, Drogh-
eda District.
Pus, lip. "He has a big pus" - Co. Meath.
Gruagach (pron. grōga), used
around village of Louth to
mean a clever or tricky fellow.
Straoil (noun), a slut, a slattern - Co. Meath.
Straoil (verb), to drag along
(Don't streel the hay about) - Co. Meath.
Súgán, a hay rope - Co. Meath.
Suim, respect or regard (I put
no suim on him) - Co. Louth.
Sconsa (sconce), old rush-light
holder - Co. Meath.
Carsán, an asthmatic trouble
(He has a carsán and wheez-
ing) - Co. Louth.
Gíog, a squeak (There wasn't a
gíog out of him
Curach, a small boat, so-called
on the Boyne at Oldbridge,
for salmon fishing
(a) Buailim ort, (b) Leigim leat - When picking
a match (foot-
ball or caman) one captain
(a) challenges buailim ort,
the other (b) replies, leigim
leat; (a) has first pick

Báire (game or goal). The side
gaining a goal shouts "báire,"
and cheers - Co. Louth.
Currach, a marsh or bog - Louth Town.
Sudóg of bread, a cake - Co. Louth.
Mónóg, heath berries - Co. Louth.
Pigin, a small wooden vessel - Co. Louth.
Pillín, old style of pack saddle - Co. Louth.
Poc, a blow (Gave him a puck.
The puck out, hurling) - Co. Meath.
Póg, a kiss - Co. Meath
Poicín, púicín, a stout, conse-
quential little man - Co. Meath.
Póiríní, small potatoes - Co. Meath.
Praiseach (pron. prasha) a weed
in corn - Co. Meath.
Prainneach, it sulked or rusted
(pron. praneid), it wouldn't
work (It took the prainneach) - Co. Louth.
Pollóg, a fish [pollock?] - Co. Louth.
Putóg, a pudding - Co. Louth.
Parra sásta, a "Paddy-go easy"
ind of fellow - Co. Louth
Sgolb, a splinter of wood - Co. Meath.
Scruab, a besom - Co. Meath.
Sgréach, screeching, a grinding
noise, as the wheel of a cart - Co. Meath.
Shooler, a loitering, gossiping
person; shoolering, loitering
about - Co. Louth.
Seanachaidhe, a story-teller - Co. Louth.
Seanachas, a chat, a friendly
meeting - Co. Louth.
Seanach, a greeting (he gave me
a great seanach) - Co. Louth.
Sgreag, poor, rocky land
("scraggy" land) - Co. Louth.
Slug, a swallow or two (take a
"slug" - Co. Meath.
Slánlus,a herb. It is the only
name about Dundalk for a
certain herb.
Sligeán, nose - Co. Louth.
Smaois, nose (I will break your
smaois) - Co. Meath.
Snaig (pron. snig), snigging
turnips - Co. Meath.
Sparán, a purse - Co. Louth.
Sprios, a miserable upstart - Dundalk.
Sar, sour, contemptuous - Co. Louth.
Sasanach, an Englishman - Co. Meath.
Saileach, a willow - Co. Meath.
Seamróg, a shamrock - Co. Meath.
Sanntach, greedy (a bit sanntach) - Co. Louth.
Scailp, a piece, a lump, as a
scalp of bacon - Dundalk.
Sgológ, a small farmer
("Parra sgológ," "Oiney
sgológ," &c.) - Dundalk.
Sgeap, a bee-hive, as a sgeap
of bees - Co. Meath.
A leanbh mo chroidhe, child of my
heart - Co. Meath.
Glagar, a talkative person - Co. Meath.
Heaspín, descriptive of a small
person (he is only a little
hasbeen of a fellow) - Co. Meath.
Mairtín, a fat person (he is a
big mairtín of a man) - Co. Meath.

L. 152

Mar 'dh eadh, an expression of
doubt (He'll do what you say,
mardheadh) - Co. Meath.
Prog, to call a cow, as "prug-
prug" - Co. Meath.
Seatacán, a disease of a rheu-
matic nature amongst cattle - Co. Meath.
Sprig or sprug, little pieces of
rotten brambles suitable for
fuel - Co. Meath.
Tálóg, a stiffness of the wrist
caused by using a reaping-
hook - Co. Meath.
Teiris, to a cow to stand quiet,
as "teiris, a chuisle," "teiris
pruggie" - Co. Meath.
Glúrac, glúraic (pl.), a numb-
ness of the fingers from cold,
as "the glúracs are in my
fingers" - Co. Meath.
Troighthín, an old torn stocking
(a pair of "troighthín-s") - Co. Meath.

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