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1600 - 1926

Feis Laighean agus Midhe. Comórtas 3.

Feis Laighean agus Midhe. Comórtas 3.
Féach bailitheoir,
Laoide, Seosamh (Lloyd, Joseph H.)
Mac Rónáin, Caoilte
Composition Date
Connradh na Gaedhilge

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1600 1926

Irish Words. English Meaning.

Amadán - a fool.
Ara - arrah.
Banbh, boin'ín - both words meaning a young pig.
Bán - the bawn, a green space in front of a
Bacaidigh - crooked or hanging to one side.
Bean-sídhe - the banshee.
Beul-liúr - a loud shouting or roaring.
Bróg - a shoe.
Bros - rubbish.
Breasna - a bundle of sticks for firing.
Bóithrín - a narrow lane.
Buail - go, as, "buail home out of that"
(Co. Wexford).
Buailtín - the whipstick of a flail.
Budhrán - a rim of ash, with a skin stretched on
it, used for receiving corn as it comes
from the winnowing-machine.
Buntán - a short fat man.
Buachaill - a boy.
Bogadán - a soft-headed person.
Cáibín - an old hat.
Cailín - a girl.
Cáll - right to, as, "you have no cáll to it"
Camán - a hurley.
Cárán - a small turf (sometimes applied to a
Cipín - a light stick.
Ciotóg - a left-handed person.
Ciaróg - an earwig.
Caoin - to cry of lament.
Cogar - to whisper.
Cológ - talking together in a low voice.
Corrach - grudging or miserly.
Corrachaidhe - a knotty and crooked stick, also a
cranky man.
Cis - a basket (as a cis of turf.)

(The above words are used all over the barony of
Rathdown with the exception of buail.)

Clábar - mud.
Crúibín - a pig's foot.
Diúidín - an old pipe.
Dúrach - nothing, as, "he neither said hum,
hom nor dúrach."
Doilcín - a big untidy girl.
Flaitheamhlach - goodnatured or generous.
Gasún - a young boy.
Girrseach - a young girl.
Gríosach - the bottom of a fire.
Gortach - selfish or stingy.
Grádh - love.
Go leor - enough.
Góilín - (= gabhailín) a small bundle of sticks.
Gearran - an old horse.
Geic - appearance [Cp. goic, doic, of Donegal
and Mayo?]
Iuraidín - a fit of laughter.
Leipreacán - a fairy man.
Loch - a lough of water.
Mardheadh - moryah [Mar budh eadh, as it were].
Muise - musha.
Mindeóg a young goat 2 years old.
Mealabhóg - to beat heavily.
Ná bac leis - never heed it.
Maol - bald (used for a cow or goat without
horns, as "a maol cow").
Leanbh - a child.
Óinseach - a female fool.
Óilleán - an awkward man or boy.
Och (= acht) - but (as och, what matter).
Ochón - alas.
Pucán - a he goat.
Práiscín - a rough apron.
Praiseach - a weed (wild mustard).
Palltóg - a blow.
Páirc - a field.
Pas - steeping clothes before washing.

(Ní críoch.)

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