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1600 - 1926

Notes and Queries.

Notes and Queries.
O'Loingsigh, Donnchadh,
Laoide, Seosamh (Lloyd, Joseph H.)
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Connradh na Gaedhilge

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1600 1926


(421.) A curious word used in Cork is laingire.
The “ai” is pronounced as in the English words
“mat,” “hat,” and the l is slender. How spell cor-
rectly in Irish? The word is applied to a very tall,
this person. Does it come from the English word
“long,” or Lowland “lang”?

(422.) In primitive times, when our forefathers
pastured their flocks and herds in lonely glens and
mountain recesses, the following curious system of
enumeration with regard to Goats was adopted: —

60 Gabhar = 1 Roghta
60 Roghta = 1 Radalach
60 Radalach = 1 Ailbhín
60 Ailbhín = 1 Colpa
60 Colpa = 1 Gite.

Those technical terms do not appear in the diction-
aries. It would be a great pity that such would be
lost, as they give an insight into the customs and
manners of the period. The famous Gadaidhe Dubh
while temporarily residing at Dairín na Gréine Baile-
Mhúirne, is reputed to have owned an Ailbhín, not a
bad number for a gentleman of various callings, while
his buachaill prided himself in being in possession of
a Collaphuc. I give the above for what it is worth.
Those terms are used here at the present day. Perhaps
some one of your contributors may throw further light
on the subject. — Donnchadh O'Loingsigh, Baile

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