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1600 - 1926

Feis Laighean agus Midhe. Comórtas 3.

Feis Laighean agus Midhe. Comórtas 3.
Féach ainm cleite,
Laoide, Seosamh (Lloyd, Joseph H.)
Composition Date
Connradh na Gaedhilge

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1600 1926


Comórtas 3.

These words are in use in English in the Baronies
of Castlerahan and Crossrea in County Cavan; also
in Meath, and a few are in use in Dublin.

Plúirín Sneachta.

Mairtín - a little red insect supposed to
cause air on the hands.
muthairne - the ankle.
mara go reidh - easy going.
murmont - wormwood.
m'anam dho Dhia - my soul to God.
m'anam dom Mhaigh-
istir agus do Mhuire - my soul to God and Mary.
m'anam i bhfad ó'n
diabhal - my soul far from the devil.
muilleoir - a miller.
mapstaidhe - a fat child.
manntach - having an impediment in speaking.
meamhaire - a person always complaining.
manntóg - a cord used for tying horses by
putting in their mouths.
maighín - a rag for the finger.
meararuadh gé (?) - a weed.
ná bac leis - never mind.
ni h-anann sin - not all as one.
neanntóg - a nettle.
neannta buidhe - a wild nettle.
uitíní - lumps on the toes.

Óinseach - a fool, generally said of a woman.

Páisde - a child.
púca na preana - a sort of ghost.
partán - a wet sod.
púcán - a sod in a shallow pool.
poc - a thump from a goat.
pocán - a he-goat.

L. 15

púca - a kind of spirit.
práiscín - an apron.
poc - a little sack.
pocha na bra (Eng.) - a big pocket.
palltóg (1) - an old cloth.
palltóg (2) - a blow.
pléaráca - a mess.
filibín - a plover.
plúchán - a person who is always coughing
and choking.
plucán - a person with fat cheeks.
puisín - a little cat.
pus - a grin (a lip.)
práiscín salach - a dirty apron.
praiseach buidhe - a yellow weed which grows in oats.
pigín - a little vessel.
pincín - a little fish.
pistreóg - a charm.
puiteóg - a womanish fellow.
pútóg, pucóg - a game.

Sin a'dóigh - that's the way.
sladadh leannta (?) - full and plenty.
seoinín - a little farmer.
spailpín - a rambling labourer.
spág - big feet.
smigín - a chin; a whisker on the chin.
scáiltín - burnt whiskey.
slutaire - an untidy person.
stocán - a small hill.
scailleán - an onion.
smidiríní - small pieces.
scileach - a dash of water through a drink.
sealbhán - a lot of men (at work, &c.)
stocán, Stómaire - an idle lump of a fellow.
sponóg - a spoon.
sceilteanóg - green scum.
súgan - a straw collar.
súgán - a straw rope.
scrut - a good-for-nothing.
sgráb - a scrape.
aindseoirín - a diminutive creature.
pór - the dock-seed.
straoil - an untidy person.
tálach - pain in the wrist.
bairricín - a piece on the toe of the shoe.
uisge beatha - whiskey.
smúit bhreac - a bracked face.
srathán - a cake of oaten bread.
stalc - a sulk - ex. he has a stalc in him.
stailín - a cripple going on stools.
stácaire - an awkward person.
sliosóg - a young girl.
sgiorr - to skim lightly.
sgreabh - a crust, a "screb."
sreadaidhe - a sickly person.
snasta - clean, tidy.
snadaidhe - a sneak.
spadach - wet, turf.
seas - a heap of straw.
stad - a short turn.
'sé, m'fhíorc - aye, indeed.
snamhaire - a dodging, lazy fellow.
sin é! - now!
sciobóg - a potato basket.
slug - a drink.
sluigim - drinking
sáilíní - Pieces on the heels of stockings.
suipín - a little stick.
stocán - a lazy fellow.

Troighthín - a stocking without a sole.
tráithnín - a blade of grass.
tír na hóige - the land of the young.
triostaighe - a long coat.
túirne - a beetle.

Uisge liath - milk and water.
áilleán - a pet.
bhí lá - there was a day once on a time.
bhóitín - a pious person.
rantán - a little good-for-nothing.
dríodar - rubbish; dregs.
snucaidhe - an underhand, slinking person.
sgiob - to snatch; to scatter, as skibbing
sidheog - used contemptuously of an effemi-
nate man.
strúille - an untidy person.
radhb (?) - a long, awkward fellow.
ribe - a single hair.
sgolb - a nick out of anything.
dreisnín - a dressing used by weavers in
dressing linen.
siabhra - a diminutive creature.
snaicín - cattle jobber, buying cattle on
credit and selling.
staic - said of a heartless woman.
snigire - a sneering person.
ráimeis (pron.
raumish) - rubbish.
raithín - a stony place, where ferns grow.
sin é dhuit - now for you.
righin - tedious; that's the righin doing.
rógaire ceart - a downright rogue.
radhb (?) - a joke.
plánaidhe - a sly person.

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