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1600 - 1926

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Notes and Queries.
Údair éagsúla,
Mac Néill, Eoin
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1600 1926

L. 215


(279). Binne, an agreement for the proportionate graz-
ing of land held in common. Sum, the unit of reckoning
the carrying power of grazing land. Conjecturally from
suth, foetus, offspring - M'Swiney's Windisch, paragraph
128. Sum first perhaps cow with sucking calf. Com-
pare suimín, a small drink, sumairé, where a mountain
stream disappears underground. Land Law (Ireland)
Act, 1896, First Schedule, Query 3, says "sums" or

L. 215

(280). Unsoir whether ionnsuige air or one simple
word is the question.

(282). Trumpalan, a large bettle (the better known word
ciaróg is applied to a beetle slenderer in body). Püca
the insect known as the "field-bug." Neóinin buidhe, a
buttercup (daisy is distinguished as neóinin ban).
Bainne na n-eun, the dandelion. Clocha scail, the
crystals known as "Kerry diamonds." Uisge clóthaidh,
warm (not hot) water. [

Caiseal, a child's spinning-top. Builtin, a little garden.
Puicin, a small sheepfold. Triam, the elder-tree.
Laban alla, a spider. Aran glas, pennywort. Arach,
a ship (I suppose a curruption of "argosy"). Arach maol,
a dismasted ship. - R.A. STIUBHAIRT MACALASDAIR.

[Trumpalan = triompallan for priompallan; triam
should be truim; laban alla is evidently a corruption of
the usual dubhan alla; arach should be arthach, which
was formerly spelt arthrach. - ED.]

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